Our History

Aircraft Sale (2016)

  • Sold Anotov aircraft with Russian partner UTAIR
  • Sold within 6 months
Anotov AN-74TK-100 aircraft

Anotov AN-74TK-100 aircraft

Phu Bia (2010-2011)

  • Providing sand and gravel
  • Production capacity: 15000 m3/month
  • Increased to 30000 m3/month by Q2 2011
The Phu Bia team

The Phu Bia team




  • Partnered with an engineering/construction company and repaired Savannakhet airport
  • Supplied engines - 10 units of vehicle GAZ 3308 SADKO for UXO Lao
  • Drilled holes (to survey land deposits) in Attapeu province for a Russian company called Neyland


  • Performedhydro-geological research for Nam Kong-1 & Sekong -4 Hydropower station
  • Investigated construction material: gravel, basalt, limestone, sand & pozzolana for hydro power station Sekong 4 and Nam Kong 1 in Sekong & Attapeu provinces


  • Suppliedsolid waste management equipment to Vientiane urban infrastructure and services project, procurement contract no. IS -PGRS-002
  • Supplied limestone for cement factory in Savannakhet province


  • Supplied heavy duty ploughs to Nam Theum 2 Power Company Ltd., Contract No. C613


  • Purchased and exported used electric generators ofElectricite Du Laos & its equipments to Thailand
  • Supplied building materials & financed the Project CCR-2“Modernization of Public Lighting & Effacement of Electricand Telephone System, Luangprabang Province, Lao PDR”  which was funded by World Heritage Office, UNESCO
  • Supplied farm tractors and related equipment packages toSustainable Forestry and Rural Development (SUFORD) Project, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF)


  • Supplied equipments for transmission line to Electricite Du Laos (EDL), Lao PDR


  • Supplied Russian vehicles (fuel-tank KAMAZ) to Lao State Fuel Company, Lao PDR


  • Supplied Russian vehicles (GAZ 33308) and its equipmentsto Unexploded Ordnance Organization (UXO), Lao PDR